Tuesday, July 21, 2009

St. Andrews UMC Outdoor Service July 2009

We finally had our outdoor Sunday Service at Saint Andrews UMC. This time the weather totally cooperated. While was pretty warm, we had the shade of the big tree in the church yard to sit under, plus we had a pleasant breeze. I had to change clothes when I got to church. Joanne said the other two churches probably wouldn't appreciate my jeans and "Grumpy" t-shirt.
We had told the church that this was a casual service and anyone showing up in a tie would be sent home. Just kidding, they might not come back. ;-) The choir sang acappella and sounded great.
The congregation also sang without musical accompaniment. Rather than carry the hymnals outside, we had the words to the hymns printed in the bulletin.

Bill Wyatt brought his grill from home and cooked the hotdogs and hamburgers. We had that cooker fully loaded and it was seriously smoking.We had originally planned on fixing our plates inside and eating outside. But, once every one got inside, they liked the air conditioning and lack of flying pests.
After lunch there were some games out in the front of the church.
Most of us just hung around and talked. It was pleasant, it was relaxed, it was a good day.
Some of us stayed and talked until 4:30 in the afternoon. If it hadn't thundered we probably would have been there longer. I guess it was like church was when it was the center of the community. You worshipped together, ate together, played together, and spent time together. How did we get to this idea of its an hour, times up, let's run for the door.

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