Sunday, July 26, 2009

Christmas in July at Meade Memorial UMC

Meade Memorial UMC, where Joanne works as church secretary, had a Christmas in July sale. So Mom and Dad, my sisters Karen and Paula, and Joanne and I went to do some early Christmas shopping.

There was a boat load of Christmas crafts for sale. The church had one room set up where the proceeds went to the church to meet expenses.
The other rooms had vendors, individuals who had paid a small fee to set up a table to sell their own crafts.

Paula was the big buyer of the day. She found several necklaces that she liked. Sorry Dan. Joanne bought some Christmas towels and books; I got a big walking stick. I bought a ticket for a raffle on a snowman, but didn't win. Oh well, a dollar for the cause.
Dad and I were more interested in the fresh cookies they were cooking in the kitchen. The smell floating out the kitchen was the best sales pitch of the morning. We were going out to breakfast after shopping, so the ladies were afraid it might spoil their appetite. Dad and I had no such concerns.
The were quite a few people there who were selling home made jewelry. Now, I don't know much about the subject. But, Joanne, Paula, Karen, and Mom said there was some really nice things for good prices.
We ran into Kate's, Jeremiah's girlfriend, aunt, Sue, selling her handmade jewelry. Hers were some of the nicest items. They were all made from polished stones, really impressive.
Dick Lance and Dewey Rakes were working the sales in the Meade Store room. Dick makes really good fudge. He had a batch of fudge and if you made a purchase in the Meade Store you got a piece of fudge. I think they did very well, as far as sales go, with the fudge as an incentive.

After shopping for a couple hours we finally headed to breakfast at almost lunch time. It was a good chance to spend some time with Paula before she headed back to Omaha on Sunday.

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