Friday, October 14, 2011

A Moving Experience

Back In July, I was appointed to a new church, ending my four glorious years with the Mount Airy Charge. It came as a surprise, since I was first told that I was staying there in May. A few weeks after I was told I was staying, I was informed that a move might be in the works and that I should be prepared. Then about another week later, I was told that the move would not be happening and I should relax. Well, I was relaxing one evening and about 9:30 the phone rang. The caller ID said it was my District Superintedent (just so you know, a call from the DS late in the evening is not a good sign). I was told that it was official that as of July 1st I would be with a new church. 

I do have to thank the DS, because he actually came to the churches and broke the news. You couldn't pay me to do that part of the job. It wasn't pretty, but he did his best to reassure them that they weren't being pushed aside for the needs of some bigger church. You see, I was being apponted to a large church, Timberlake UMC, , as an Associate Pastor, but my primary duty was to be the care of their small satellite church, Timberlake UMC East.

Four years ago, before being appointed to the Mount Airy Charge, I served as the visitation pastor at Timberlake UMC. So, it is a going home of sorts, but there are more mixed emotions in all this I can express. But, as I told the folks at the three churches I was leaving, this is why we pray every Sunday for those who are in positions of authority in our lives; government, jobs, and church. So that when a decision is made that we may not be happy or comfortable with, we can relax because we have already take it to God and placed it in God's capable hands.

Timberlake UMC East had gone through some trauma. Their previous pstor resigned as pastor of the church and as a pastor of the United Methodist Church. When he left and started his own independent, non-denominatioal church a large number of the the congregation went with him. They have had a number of people filling in for preaching on Sunday for several months before I arrived. That is where I an now.

I tell you all this to hopefully help with the transition and any confusion with the blog. I still have things to post from the Mount Airy Charge and I will be starting to post some things from Timberlake UMC and Timberlake UMC East. I'll try to be clear, but you know how good I am at that. Of course, there will still be family and Disney stuff, too.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Virginia UMC Annual Conference

We had a great time at the Virginia United Methodist Annual Conference in Roanoke in June of this year.
The Lynchburg District met at a local eatery for lunch and we just about took up every seat in the place.

As we usually do, Joanne and I hooked up with George Schaeffer and his wife Kathy.

I had the job at the Conference of being a "Teller", sounds important doesn't it? It could be better described as a "runner". I went to pick up blank ballots, at the far end of the civic center, bring them back to the nose bleed seats section that I had been assigned, then collect them, and return then to the far end so that they could be counted.
Please understad, running is not something I enjoy. My theory about running is that you do it if someone is chasing you with a knife or a big stick. If they have a gun, don't bother, you can't outrun a bullet. So to think that I volunteered for the job was rather baffling. My District Superintendent must have caught me a weak moment.
I did survive, but if they had had many more ballots I'm not too sure it would have been the same outcome.
Look for us next year!!

St Andrews UMC Cookout

We had a June cookout at St. Andrews UMC. Its always a good time of hanging out together after service and having some good food.
You've heard of open flame cooked, will Bill Wyatt is very skilled at that. Of course he's missing his eyebrows right now, but they say they'll grow back soon.

I even had to take my turn over the sweltering cooker. Oops, got caught!!

Good food, good friends...what else do you need?

Memorial Day 2011 at Republican Grove UMC

The tradition at Republican Grove UMC is the each Memorial day and Veteran's Day we replace the flags on the graves of our veteran's.

The old flags are gathered together with respect and taken where they can be disposed of properly.

It was a very special day and I have been honored to participate.

Even the youngest learn of the sacirifice of our veterans.

Monday, August 22, 2011

40th Anniversary June 11th 2011

Joanne and I were married June the 11th in 1971. This year was our 40th Anniversary.

2011 Graduates at St Andrews UMC

We celebrated the graduations of Kelsey Adams, who graduated from Gretna High School and is headed to James Madison University, and the graduation of Wesley Wyatt, who graduated from Virginia Tech. We're very proud of our young people at St. Andrews UMC. The year I started on the Mount Airy Charge, Wesley had graduated and was headed to Tech. May God bless them as they continue through life.

St Andrews UMC Yard Sale

St. Andrews UMC had a yard sale. It served two purposes; to raise some finances for the church and to make the church visible to the community.
We sold hot dogs and drinks, along with baked goods. A.J. Nuckols cooked the hotdogs. We had folks leaving with more hot dogs than yard sale items.

We had everything from tools to toys.

We had homemade cakes and homemade jewelry.

It's always a good day of fellowship, when you're with good friends.

Crimson Clover

One of the most amazing sights for me is the Crimson Clover. It turns the fields red and is a wondrous sight in the Spring.

Last year it appeared right on Pentecost Sunday. This year it was a bit later, but it always reminds me of tongues of fire.

I love being able to witness God's artistry.

2011 Father's Day on the Mt Airy Charge

When we celebrate Father's Day on the Mount Airy Charge, we recognize all the men in our congregations.

We want to everyone to know that we see the role of a father as more than simply biological.