Friday, July 10, 2009

Jeremiah, Leah, and the Dogs

Joanne and I went out to Jeremiah's house for a visit. His place is out in the county, up the side of a mountain. It is all wooded and there are no visible neighbors. Leah was there running around outside and playing with the dogs.
Leah tends to forget that she's smaller than the dogs. She just thinks that they're fuzzy playmates and she has no fear of them.
I think she was trying to do a tonsillectomy on Luna. The amazing thing was how gentle the dog was with her. Luna didn't bark, growl, or bite, she just played along.
Leah would get bumped or jostled by the dogs. Sometimes they would knock her down and walk right over her. She'd be sitting on the ground, under the dog, and just pushing up on their stomach to make them move.
I know we call dogs man's best friend, but these dogs are a little girl's best playmates.

Jeremiah has three dogs; Luna, Black Girl, and the newest that yet to be named. They all simply shown up at his door and stayed. He won't turn them away; they seem to understand and appreciate their adoption.

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