Monday, August 22, 2011

40th Anniversary June 11th 2011

Joanne and I were married June the 11th in 1971. This year was our 40th Anniversary.

2011 Graduates at St Andrews UMC

We celebrated the graduations of Kelsey Adams, who graduated from Gretna High School and is headed to James Madison University, and the graduation of Wesley Wyatt, who graduated from Virginia Tech. We're very proud of our young people at St. Andrews UMC. The year I started on the Mount Airy Charge, Wesley had graduated and was headed to Tech. May God bless them as they continue through life.

St Andrews UMC Yard Sale

St. Andrews UMC had a yard sale. It served two purposes; to raise some finances for the church and to make the church visible to the community.
We sold hot dogs and drinks, along with baked goods. A.J. Nuckols cooked the hotdogs. We had folks leaving with more hot dogs than yard sale items.

We had everything from tools to toys.

We had homemade cakes and homemade jewelry.

It's always a good day of fellowship, when you're with good friends.

Crimson Clover

One of the most amazing sights for me is the Crimson Clover. It turns the fields red and is a wondrous sight in the Spring.

Last year it appeared right on Pentecost Sunday. This year it was a bit later, but it always reminds me of tongues of fire.

I love being able to witness God's artistry.

2011 Father's Day on the Mt Airy Charge

When we celebrate Father's Day on the Mount Airy Charge, we recognize all the men in our congregations.

We want to everyone to know that we see the role of a father as more than simply biological.

2011 Mother's Day on the Mt Airy Charge

On the Mount Airy Charge, we celebrate Mother's Day by recognizing every lady in the congregations. We realize that giving birth is not the only way of mothering someone.

Many have been mother figures in their lives nad on their jobs.

Many have been Spiritual Mother's in the Faith.

They mentor, give guidance, give support, and are mother's by example.

We appreciate the ladies of the Mount Airy Charge.