Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family Father's Day

 For lunch on Father's Day, Mom and Dad, Karen, Jeremiah and Kate with baby Jeremiah, Joanne and I went to Sundae Grill for lunch. They had a special that all fathers could eat for free. I have never seen any other restaraunt do that before. I had thought that, with free food, the line would be out the door, but we only had a 30 minute wait for seats. Even with that short of a wait, the owner kept apologizing for the delay. The food and service were great, but what really got me was how the owner told us how much he appreciated our coming to his restaraunt. He was blessing fathers and he appreciated us. Oh, we'll be back.

Another thing special about Sundae Grill, if you come to eat on a Sunday or Wednesday, and if you bring a copy of your church bulletin, they will send a check to your church equal to 10% of what you paid for your meal. Now think about that for a minute, a restaraunt is tithing what you paid back to your church. I love this place.
Jeremiah Luther Johnson, with his father Jeremiah Levi Johnson, with his father Charlie Johnson Jr., with his father Charlie Johnson Sr. A Very Happy Father Day, indeed.

Father's Day at Shiloh UMC 2012

Well, it was Father's Day at Shiloh UMC and we had gifts for select fathers. Joe Irvine won for being the oldest father at church, he's a very healthy 92 years old.
I swear I didn't plan it this way, but I ended up being the youngest grandfather. I've been a grandfather for almost 15 years. Think of all the prizes I've missed.
Jeremiah Johnson, our son, won for being the youngest father. I know I look younger, but I don't want to hurt his feelings.
As Joanne and I have become accustomed to do, we give gifts to all the men at church. We recognize them as "Men of Faith". We realize that whether you have natural children or not, at some point you have been a father figure or spiritual father to someone; providing guidance, mentoring, or simply keeping someone out of harms way.
Each gift was a pack of goldfish crackers with a note thanking them for being Fishers of Men.

During the service I used our new grandson, Jeremiah Luther Johnson, to demonstrate differences in how men and women carry babies.
It was a good day.

Monday, June 18, 2012

41st Anniversary Weekend in Williamsburg Virginia 2012

Our 41st anniversary was June the 11th, which was also a Monday. So we decided to wait until the weekend to celebrate. On Friday after Joanne got off work we left for Williamsbug VA. We had dinner reservations at the Kings Arms Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg.
Part of the entertaiment during dinner was a lady playing a celtic harp.

Joanne had "chicken breast pan-fried and served with apple-cornbread stuffing, scuppernong-raisin sauce, herb-mashed potatoes, and fresh vegetables".
I had "maple and whiskey-brined pork chop with grain-mustard glaze, herb-roasted mashed potatoes, and red cabbage braised with applewood bacon".

Joanne had a pecan pie included with her dinner, which she gave to me. She had decided that she wanted the "Thomas Jefferson's brandy spiked bread pudding with a warm vanilla bean sauce". Good food, good music, and better company.
Saturday morning we started our day with breakfast at the Old Chickahominy House restaraunt. It is our favorite place for breakfast in Williamsburg.
 After breakfast we went to the Williamsburg Pottery Factory. If they hadn't had the sign out front, I would never have recognized the place. They have totally redone the Pottery. New buildings, its clean, its air conditioned, and the variety of selections is great. One of the managers told us that they have over 15,000 food items in stock. It was like Salsa Heaven. The next time we go to Williamsburg for an extended stay, we're doing our grocery shopping there.
 We then made an obligatory stop at the Yankee Candle Outlet. Joanne said we were just going to look around, but I kept loosing her. This place is an aromatice den of temptation.
 Finally, we made it back over to Colonial Williamsburg. We didn't buy any tickets, so we just walked around, checking out the scenery and gardens.
 It was a beautiful day, with the temperatures in the low 80's and the humidity low. It was a perfect day to wander, hold hands, sip some cold apple cider, and just not be in a rush.
We headed home around 4:00 in the evening. We weren't there long, just long enough. It was nice simply to get away to ourselves.