Saturday, July 11, 2009

38th Anniversary

On June the 11th of 2009, Joanne and I celebrated our 38th anniversary. We had a nice dinner out with my parents and my sister, Karen. We all had some nice, tender steaks.

Jeremiah couldn't make to dinner with us to celebrate on the 11th, so we decided to do all again on the 12th. We had a nice time out with Jeremiah, Kate, and Leah. Except this time we went out for Indian cuisine. I love my Chicken Tikka Masala and Joanne loves her Malai Kabob. I go for the hot n' spicy and Joanne goes for the mild.

I know you're thinking how can they have been married for 38 years, they look so young. Oh, you weren't thinking that, well let's pretend. Joanne married me two days after she graduated from High School. She was 18 years old and I was 19. We didn't have any training for married life, but we did have excellent examples from our parents. And of course, they say God loves children and fools. We may not have literally qualified, but God must have figured we were close enough, so that we needed and have enjoyed His constant care and training. Ain't God good.

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