Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baptism of Jeremiah Luther Johnson

Every so often, as a pastor, you get to do something that almost scares you, because you don't know exactly how you'll handle it. On Sunday 22 October 2012, it was one of those times. I had the priviledge of baptizing my youngest grandchild, Jeremiah Luther Johnson at Shiloh UMC.
We got a large seashell to hold the baptism water and a smaller shell to for pouring the water. Joanne fixed the altar to look like water pouring over the sides.


 During the early part of the service baby Jeremiah was just squealing. I wasn't a mad or upset squeal, he was just sounding off. I told them to pass him up to me and that I would calm him. I immediately realized that that was not a smart decision. But, it worked just fine. I held him through the entire sermon and all he did was chew on my cross.

The pouring and the blessing of the water.

When I started to lean Jeremiah back, he started to get fussy, but as soon as I pured the water he grinned.

Following the baptism, I started to sing "Jesus Loves You" to him, by the time i finished the entire congregation was singing along. Afterall, in the United Methodist Church, baptism involves the entire church.
Immediate and extended Johnson and Allen family.

My father and me.

 Jeremiah and Kate, proud parents.