Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fith Sunday

The is a tradition at the Mt. Airy Charge that there is no preaching on 5th Sundays. So I proposed that we have a Sunday of Praise and Worship the 5th Sunday of June. We arranged for Meade's Messengers from Meade Memorial UMC to come and lead a combined service of all three churches. The ministry team consists of Becky Grandy, Dianna Perkins, and (my) Joanne Johnson. Joanne is the church secretary at Meade Memorial, that was where she met Becky and got to singing with Dianna and her.
Accompanying on keyboard is Becky's son, Matt Grandy.

Of course, as good United Methodists, we had an excellent lunch following the worship service. Well, there goes the diet. Again.

Just in case you wanted to know, I made the lasagna that Jo and I brought. That's right, Charlie cooked. Sorta, I took it out of the freeze, put it in the oven at the parsonage, timed it, and took it out done. Couldn't have burned it too badly, there was none left.

Why must there be so many desserts? Isn't there something about causing a dieting brother to stumble? Well, it does not apply to desserts, I'm sure of that.

What good game of worship, food, and fellowship is complete without some games and just hanging out together.

This was a good Sunday and we really had church.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Farewell Service for the Lynchburg District Superintendent

Rev. David R. Drinkard has been the Lynchburg District Superintendent since 2001. His farewell service was held at Fort Hill UMC, the church where he had his first appointment, many moons ago.
Bishop Charlene Kammerer was the guest speaker.
She described Dave as the "Wonder Boy". She said when there was discussion going on in the Cabinet, Dave would be one of the last to speak and would always start by saying, "I wonder if ...".

There were testimonials from those representing the clergy...

...the Youth...
...and the Laity.

There was a mass choir brought together from different churches throughout the district. Joanne is seated just to left of the organ. Look for a small person in there somewhere. (Look back at the first 2 pictures. Yeah, that's her!)

Linda Drinkard, Dave Drinkard, Randy Mills (District Lay Leader), and Bishop Kammerer served Communion.

The reception was in the Fellowship Hall of Fort Hill UMC. The ladies of the district really out did themselves.
Joanne and her Aunt Stella, Dave's mother. Someone asked me if I was the official photographer. I told them, "Heck no, Dave's my cousin".

Dave introduced the Bishop to family and friends. She took the time to talk with each person, didn't act rushed or in a hurry. It was a nice compliment to Dave.

Joanne thought if she could schmooze with the Bishop, maybe she could get her husband some special loopholes to get out of some of that summer Course of Study. You notice everyone is laughing? I think I may have to do an extra 3 years of that Course of Study. Oh ,well.

Monday, June 23, 2008

2008 VAUMC Annual Conference, Day 3 and 4, June 17th and 18th

The emphasis of the Expo this year was Youth and Young Adults.
There were boothes set up by ministries that had been successful working with Youth and Young Adults. They were ministries that had thought outside the box and come up with something new and exciting.

There were boothes for UMC ministries that provide resources for the churches.

And, of course, my favorite place, the Cokesbury Bookstore. You could see the fear in Joanne's eyes when I walked through the book isles. The repeated question was, "Okay, what do you have now?".

Tuesday afternoon there was a recognition of the retiring clergy. As each retiring clergy and their spouse was called forward photos from their ministry time were shown, along with a taped message from the pastor. I wonder if I'll have any pictures to use when I retire? Whatcha think?
The Tuesday evening worship service. The worship was youth oriented, nice and loud. I saw some cover their ears. Fortunately I didn't have my hearing aids and was able to fully enjoy the volume. It reminded me of the P&W CD titled "Our Love is Loud". Oh, yeah!

Wednesday morning they recognized the outgoing and incoming District Superintendents. There was a sorta passing of the mantle service. Our new District Superintendent of the Lynchburg District, Larry Davies, with Joanne, his wife Mel, and Willie.
Once again, Larry is going to be my boss. He was my my boss at Timberlake UMC, Then when I started serving at the Mt. Airy Charge, he became my mentor. Now he's my boss again. I guess I'm in the market for a new mentor. Anybody interested?
Our outgoing District Superintendent, Joanne's cousin, Dave Drinkard.
A youth choir from Florida closed out the 2008 VAUMC Annual Conference.