Monday, July 26, 2010

First Visit to White Fall

Yesterday A.J. and Lisa Nuckols took Joanne and me to visit White Fall on the Banister River for the first time. I really don't know what I was expecting, but it exceeded what that was. It is a beautiful rustic section of the river, where you can imagine it looked just like it does now hundreds of years ago. 

There are a series of step falls progressing down the river, with a swimming hole that is deep enough to dive into. The river bottom is all rock, even where there is sand it is only maybe 6 inches deep before you get to rock.
All you hear are the birds and the water rushing by. There quite a few people swimming, with the temperature hitting 102 it was the perfect day for it. The river water felt almost like warm bath water. Next time we come, the bathing suit is coming with me.
Joanne and Lisa sat on the rock talking, while Joanne soaked her feet in the water.  

There is an old mill there with the remains of stone walls. At one time, along with the grain mill, there was a saw mill and a blacksmith shop in this area, too.
 I'm sure this won't be our last visit to White Fall. I only regret I waited this long.

Family Photos from the Family Reunion

The following are family group pictures from the family reunion in Myrtle Beach. The top one is of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. From left to right; Courtney (our daughter),Micah, Jessica, Lila (our granddaughter), Bailey, Levi (our grandson), Jaimie, Bryce, Thomas (our grandson), Mariah, Taisie (our granddaughter), and Jeremiah (our son).
 This is Joanne and me with Courtney and Dave and their children, and Jeremiah.
This is the Lewis family; my sister Dawna and her husband Randy, with their daughters Jaimie and Jessica. 
This is the West Virginia Johnson family; my brother Aaron and his wife Cathy, with their sons Bailey and Bryce.
This is the Kohrt family; My sister Paula and her husband Dan, with their children Mariah and Micah.
 The Harrington family; Courtney and Dave with Thomas, Taisie, Levi, and Lila.
 Joanne and me.

The next pictures are of the families with my parents, Charlie and Betty Johnson.
The Lewis Family
My sister, Karen
The West Virginia Johnson Family
 The Kohrt Family
 The Harrington Family
 The Johnson / Harrington family
We did get a picture of all of us together, but not with my camera. I'll post that when it becomes available. We filled the whole staircase.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baptism at the Beach

My brother-in-law, Dan Kohrt, and his daughter Mariah wanted to be baptized while we were in Myrtle Beach for our family reunion. The time and day were set and the clan gathered. Joanne, Cathy Johnson, Randy and Dawna Lewis came down to the beach from the condo.
Aaron Johnson, Jeremiah, Taisie, and Levi were called out of the water.
 Mariah Kohrt went into the water to get Bailey Johnson and Micah Kohrt.
 Lila was excited just to get to play in the sand. Everyone else waited and looked for shells.
My son-in-law, Dave Harrington, is a pastor of a church just outside of Albany NY. He and I officiated the baptism. It was a good thing there were two of us, because I don't think I could have gotten Dan back out of the water by myself.
Mariah Kohrt being baptized.

Dan Kohrt being baptized.

Dave and I with Dan and Mariah.
 Dave and I with the Kohrt family; Micah, Mariah, Dan, and Paula.
 A Really Good Day at the Beach.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Visit to Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach SC

One night we decided to venture out to Broadway at the Beach. It is a large area with shops and restaurants built around a lake/lagoon. It turned out to be a very crowded night to visit and so we all had to park in different areas. By the time we all found each other, the evening was almost over. We had a good time just being out together. 
They had folks dressed up in costume, so we had to get pictures with them. Actually it took some convincing to get some in the line.
Lila, our grand-daughter doing chubby cheeks on her cousin Jessica Lewis.
Mariah Kohrt doing chubby cheeks on her mother, my sister, Paula.
Lila, Levi, Taisie, and Mariah taking a break to eat Ice cream.
Cathy Johnson, with Dawna, Jessica, and Randy Lewis waiting for the end of night gathering.
Our grandson, Thomas, trying his new persona, with his cousin Micah Kohrt and grandmother, Joanne.
Taisie, Joanne, and Jeremiah waiting for the gathering.
The Lewis family, my sister, Dawna with Jessica, Randy, and Jaimie.
Bryce, Bailey, and Cathy Johnson
Taisie, our grand-daughter, working the bubble blower for her grandmother and Uncle Jeremiah. We all had a nice night out together.

House of Blues

Where we were at Myrtle Beach, we decided to take our kids out to eat. Thomas, Taisie, and Levi wanted to stay and hang out with their cousins. We went to the House of Blues. We took pictures of each other with some of the art they have all over the place. Jeremiah and I stood in front of the "Unity in Diversity" work. I assumed it had to do with beard lengths.
Joanne and friend?

Courtney, Dave, and Lila chose to camp out in the rocking chairs while we waited to be called inside. Lila did wake up for dinner.
We had a great dinner, my Jambalaya was excellent. Lila ate all her mac and cheese. Jeremiah is actually awake, he got caught mid-blink. It was a nice night out.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 1 of Our Family Reunion

We are at a family reunion in Myrtle Beach. My mom turned 80 last December and we decided it was time to get the clan together. We have my mom and dad here, along with their 5 children and 4 spouses, 8 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. I've been looking forward to this for quite awhile.
Jaimie Lewis, my niece, Joanne, and Dawna Lewis, my sister, looking for shells. Dawna found a shark's tooth. Jaimie was more interesting in texting as she walked.
Randy and Dawna Lewis
My brother, Aaron Johnson, my Mom, and my sister, Karen Johnson, strolling the beach.
Taisie Harrington, my grand-daughter, one of the 4 great-grandchildren, body-surfing.
Lila Harrington, our grand-daughter, got a bit of a sunburn, despite being coated in sunscreen.
"Feeding the Horde" Each evening a different family has the job of providing supper. Tonight Cathy Johnson, Aaron's wife, cooked chicken, It was really good.
Enjoying ice cream with chocolate syrup and M&M's for dessert.
Lila sitting with Bailey, Aaron's son.
Levi, our grandson, was worn out and crashed in his mom's, Courtney's, arms. He didn't wake up until the next morning.
Courtney, Jessica Lewis, and Dawna
Cathy Johnson, Aaron's wife, and Paula Kohrt, my sister, playing with Lila

I hope you can keep up with all the fmily relations, there will be a test at the end of the week.