Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Visit to Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach SC

One night we decided to venture out to Broadway at the Beach. It is a large area with shops and restaurants built around a lake/lagoon. It turned out to be a very crowded night to visit and so we all had to park in different areas. By the time we all found each other, the evening was almost over. We had a good time just being out together. 
They had folks dressed up in costume, so we had to get pictures with them. Actually it took some convincing to get some in the line.
Lila, our grand-daughter doing chubby cheeks on her cousin Jessica Lewis.
Mariah Kohrt doing chubby cheeks on her mother, my sister, Paula.
Lila, Levi, Taisie, and Mariah taking a break to eat Ice cream.
Cathy Johnson, with Dawna, Jessica, and Randy Lewis waiting for the end of night gathering.
Our grandson, Thomas, trying his new persona, with his cousin Micah Kohrt and grandmother, Joanne.
Taisie, Joanne, and Jeremiah waiting for the gathering.
The Lewis family, my sister, Dawna with Jessica, Randy, and Jaimie.
Bryce, Bailey, and Cathy Johnson
Taisie, our grand-daughter, working the bubble blower for her grandmother and Uncle Jeremiah. We all had a nice night out together.

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