Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Photos from the Family Reunion

The following are family group pictures from the family reunion in Myrtle Beach. The top one is of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. From left to right; Courtney (our daughter),Micah, Jessica, Lila (our granddaughter), Bailey, Levi (our grandson), Jaimie, Bryce, Thomas (our grandson), Mariah, Taisie (our granddaughter), and Jeremiah (our son).
 This is Joanne and me with Courtney and Dave and their children, and Jeremiah.
This is the Lewis family; my sister Dawna and her husband Randy, with their daughters Jaimie and Jessica. 
This is the West Virginia Johnson family; my brother Aaron and his wife Cathy, with their sons Bailey and Bryce.
This is the Kohrt family; My sister Paula and her husband Dan, with their children Mariah and Micah.
 The Harrington family; Courtney and Dave with Thomas, Taisie, Levi, and Lila.
 Joanne and me.

The next pictures are of the families with my parents, Charlie and Betty Johnson.
The Lewis Family
My sister, Karen
The West Virginia Johnson Family
 The Kohrt Family
 The Harrington Family
 The Johnson / Harrington family
We did get a picture of all of us together, but not with my camera. I'll post that when it becomes available. We filled the whole staircase.

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