Tuesday, July 20, 2010

House of Blues

Where we were at Myrtle Beach, we decided to take our kids out to eat. Thomas, Taisie, and Levi wanted to stay and hang out with their cousins. We went to the House of Blues. We took pictures of each other with some of the art they have all over the place. Jeremiah and I stood in front of the "Unity in Diversity" work. I assumed it had to do with beard lengths.
Joanne and friend?

Courtney, Dave, and Lila chose to camp out in the rocking chairs while we waited to be called inside. Lila did wake up for dinner.
We had a great dinner, my Jambalaya was excellent. Lila ate all her mac and cheese. Jeremiah is actually awake, he got caught mid-blink. It was a nice night out.

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