Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baptism at the Beach

My brother-in-law, Dan Kohrt, and his daughter Mariah wanted to be baptized while we were in Myrtle Beach for our family reunion. The time and day were set and the clan gathered. Joanne, Cathy Johnson, Randy and Dawna Lewis came down to the beach from the condo.
Aaron Johnson, Jeremiah, Taisie, and Levi were called out of the water.
 Mariah Kohrt went into the water to get Bailey Johnson and Micah Kohrt.
 Lila was excited just to get to play in the sand. Everyone else waited and looked for shells.
My son-in-law, Dave Harrington, is a pastor of a church just outside of Albany NY. He and I officiated the baptism. It was a good thing there were two of us, because I don't think I could have gotten Dan back out of the water by myself.
Mariah Kohrt being baptized.

Dan Kohrt being baptized.

Dave and I with Dan and Mariah.
 Dave and I with the Kohrt family; Micah, Mariah, Dan, and Paula.
 A Really Good Day at the Beach.

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