Monday, July 26, 2010

First Visit to White Fall

Yesterday A.J. and Lisa Nuckols took Joanne and me to visit White Fall on the Banister River for the first time. I really don't know what I was expecting, but it exceeded what that was. It is a beautiful rustic section of the river, where you can imagine it looked just like it does now hundreds of years ago. 

There are a series of step falls progressing down the river, with a swimming hole that is deep enough to dive into. The river bottom is all rock, even where there is sand it is only maybe 6 inches deep before you get to rock.
All you hear are the birds and the water rushing by. There quite a few people swimming, with the temperature hitting 102 it was the perfect day for it. The river water felt almost like warm bath water. Next time we come, the bathing suit is coming with me.
Joanne and Lisa sat on the rock talking, while Joanne soaked her feet in the water.  

There is an old mill there with the remains of stone walls. At one time, along with the grain mill, there was a saw mill and a blacksmith shop in this area, too.
 I'm sure this won't be our last visit to White Fall. I only regret I waited this long.

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