Friday, September 4, 2009

Visiting Courtney, Dave, and the Grandchildren

"Hi Marmee and Grumpy", our greeting written by Levi on the driveway.
This Buddy, the family's new dog. He has an great combination of high energy and a laid back disposition. He loves to be near the family. If everyone is in the kitchen, he comes in lays down on the floor. If they move to the living room, so does he. Check Courtney's blog about buddy:
One of the things we enjoy is "huggling" with the grandchildren. Lila is the only one who doesn't jump up to avoid getting her picture taken curled up with their grandparent.

"Read me a book" Lila asks.
Levi celebrates having bested Thomas and Marmee on the Wii.
Taisie likes her new T-shirt.
Thomas plays his DS with a feather (he lost the stylus).
Okay, everyone smile.

Buddy has his ball and you'd have to pry it out.
Grumpy and Marmee have a good visit with Thomas, Taisie, Levi, and Lila. Good use of a long weekend if you ask me. What's a 10 hour drive if you get to hang out with the kids.

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