Friday, September 4, 2009

A Day at the Museum

We visited the Children's Museum on Saturday. Right inside the door they had this bell that Lila, along with every other child that came near to it, enjoyed whacking with a mallet. It was enough to make a mother proud.
I can only assume that Mommy loves our little bell ringer. By the look of Lila's eyes it appears that she is waiting to be told "enough" banging the bell.
They had a display about the Hudson River with fish and turtles.

The kids loved the trick mirrors and the two-way mirror display.

There was a room with snakes and lizards. Each one of us that walked in asked the person there if there were any spiders, so we could warn Joanne before she came face to face with it.
"Back off Marmee, there's a hairy one down in the corner!"
Joanne and Thomas checked out the constellation chart to see if the could find ones they knew.

There was a presentation about the various turtles in the Hudson River areas. All the kids wanted to touch the different turtles. Well, almost all of them. Thomas wasn't really inspired to do the "touchy-feely" with the turtles.

Levi tried a little step back in time with the dugout canoe.
Our last thing was to go into a big domed room to watch a video about the size of the universe. They had these pads on the floor so you could lay back and watch the show all over the dome. The program was interesting, but not to everyone. Lila found it to be a perfect time to take an overdue nap.

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