Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shiloh UMC Homecoming 2009

Well, I got abandoned this Sunday. Joanne decided to send me off on my own while she attended the Homecoming Sunday at Shiloh UMC, her home church where she grew up and we were married. They must have felt as if the prodigal daughter had come home. Joanne got back on the piano and accompanied her cousin Sharlene, who played the organ. The pastor at Shiloh is Rev. Bob Merkle, who has been a good friend and a lot of help to me when I have questions about Methodism.

Joanne always have family at Shiloh. Above are her cousins Chelsea and Cody on the phone. Below are her cousins Katie and Emily.

This is Joanne with her cousins Laurie, Mary Beth, and Sharlene.

Forget what they say, You can go home, even if its only for a visit, its still going home.
P.S. Joanne brought me home a big plate of food; fried chicken, ham, deviled eggs, ham biscuit, baked apples, potato salad, and some really good baked beans. I guess it pays well to have your wife take an occasional Sunday off.

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