Saturday, September 5, 2009

2009 Pastor's Retreat at Blackstone

Again in 2009, the Lynchburg District pastors of the United Methodist Church met for a retreat at Blackstone, the Virginia United Methodist Assembly Center.
Larry Davies, our District Superintendent, opened the retreat and Janet Hawkins led worship.

There isn't much more amusing than a bunch of pastors getting together and being led in some children's songs, complete with hand gestures and body movements. Its pretty cool to see fellow pastors relaxed and loosening up.
The authors of the book "Does Your Church Have A Prayer"; Marc Brown, Kathey Merry, and John Briggs; were our speakers.
There was quite a bit of good information shared, but so much seemed applicable to larger churches. What I have to do is glean from what was presented and find what was there that can be a blessing to my churches. I had to get past so much that seemed like information that I had heard at medical laboratory conferences, business applications. That's what I'm weeding through. I pray that God helps me find what my churches need and what will bless them.

Now, click on this to enlarge it. Now, Larry is always moving fast, but he's in two places at once!

At our last meeting together, Larry had asked us to wear Hawaiian shirts to accessorize the surf theme of the closing message. All us really spiritual folks sat all the way in the back of the room.

The big problem with retreats is that they end up being more workshop than retreat. I would like to go to one that emphasized prayer, worship, and being still. It has been way too long.

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