Friday, September 4, 2009

The Corn Roast

At Dave's church in Albany, New York, they have an annual event they call "Corn Roast Sunday". Now, instead of roastind they boil the corn, but it amounts to the same thing, edible fresh corn.

On Saturday, there was a Men's Breakfast. After the breakfast the men went into the gymnasium where several large bags of corn were delivered, fresh picked that morning. We all pulled up chairs and shucked the corn. We then took it into the kitchen where the ladies washed it and put in the refrigerator for Sunday.

On Saturday there had been a lot of rain, so we had lunch in the gymnasium. The gym is a great facility, but has been neglected for too many years before Dave came as pastor to the church. It has a huge potential, but needs a lot of work. I talked to one man from the church who has been there for many years. He told me that they had an inter-church basketball league and a youth league years ago. I think that is what Dave would like to see happen again. It will take some time and could be expensive, but if the church gets behind it , it can be an excellent ministry.

"Corn Roast Sunday" was a good day. A missionary from Mexico shared during the morning service. The lunch was very tasty and the time of fellowship was,as always, a blessing to see. Kids and adults played basketball and hit some softball out in the field. All in all, a very good Sunday.

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