Monday, September 14, 2009

Providence UMC Homecoming 2009

Providence UMC had their annual Homecoming last Sunday, September 13th. The three churches of the Mount Airy Charge decided that this year that all three churches would come together for each other's Homecoming Sunday. So, the members from Republican Grove UMC and Saint Andrews UMC came to Providence UMC to fellowship and worship together.
Our guest speaker for Homecoming was Rev. Roger Wilburn. He had been the pastor of the Mount Airy Charge some 10 years ago. It was nice having all three churches there to see him again. Mark Adams was our guest pianist. Joanne accompanied Brian Daniels on one song and played and sang with him on another.
As always the food was abundant and delicious. There was turkey, ham, BBQ, chicken, and roast beef just to name a few of the meats. I can't list everything on the table, but there was no way to try it all. Though a good effort could be made.
There were enough desserts to send a diabetic into shock. But, there were quite a few prepared for those who couldn't have the sugar. I tried several of them (just as a research comparison of course) and I couldn't tell any difference.

Rev. Roger Wilburn
It was a nice time of fellowship, while we enjoyed the meal. It was good to see the folks from the different churches talking and laughing. One gentleman came up to tell me that my idea to have all three churches together was brilliant. He said he and his wife had been talking to someone they didn't know. It turned out that they had gone to the same school. He said it was like a class reunion. I had to explain to him that it wasn't my idea though. The churches had had the idea and they had chosen to do it. But, I did agree with him, it was brilliant.
It was an excellent day. A bright, sunny day, but not too hot. A good word from the pulpit, good music and singing, and a full house. An abundance of food to be shared and enjoyed. Fine fellowship with old and new friends. Why would you want to be anywhere else?

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