Monday, June 2, 2008

Licensing School Pics

Since I've been writing about licensing school, here's a few (no way) pictures from the school. They aren't in any type of order and most of them won't make much sense unless you were there. So, I'm putting in few notes to try to help. Let's just say that these a kinda family pictures. 44+ close friends and comrades in the faith. I know it seems like a pile of pictures, but these are just some of the over 300 I took. Actually most of the others are a bit fuzzy, from trying not to use the flash. So, enjoy and go back and read the previous blogs about the school.
Welcome to Virginia Wesleyan College for Licensing School 2008.
George getting his stuff in order.
Home sweet home for the next nine days.
Okay, tell the person across from you your favorite Bible story. Huh?
Now, everybody shift down one, tell that new person across from you about your favorite teacher. Double-huh?
I sure wish I was at home.

Break Time!
Signing the Wiffleball bat for John.

Chow time Picnic in the park.

George doing the Hand Jive.

Wiffleball, the sport champions. Okay, the sport of UMC Licensing School.

Memorial Day morning worship service. Check back a couple of blogs.

Remember your baptism.

Baptism class.

This was a fun class; Clergy Tax Laws. Oh joy, oh rapture!
Resource Fair

On the bus to the Eastern Shore.

Okay guys, all you have to sing is three notes.

Ever had that wild urge to high five John Wesley? Oh, yeah!

Family Picture

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