Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dedication of the Veteran's Honor Rose

Last year we had a Veteran's Honor Rose bush donated to Providence UMC. We had hoped to dedicate the bush on Memorial Day, since it was in bloom. But, I was attending licensing school over the Memorial Day weekend, so we planned it for the first Sunday in June. Seeing that the rose bush is blooming outdoors we decided an outdoor service was appropriate.

They had boutonnieres for the men that had served in the military. Yes, I know women can be in the military, we simply didn't have any attending. Doris Adams pins one on Carl (Army).
Theresa Reiger pins the bout on Fred (Navy).

Brian Daniels, dressed as Uncle Sam, met the guests. Brian also sang "Onward Christian Soldiers" for the offertory.
The pastor (Air Force) arrives and receives his boutonniere.

Glen Adams (Army) with his wife Ann.
Terry (Air Force) and Liza Adams, who donated the Veteran's Honor Rose bush, with their son, John. Check out the size of those blooms.

Clayton Lester, who donated the church's sidewalk, joined us as well. Betty Jo and Heidi Dawson, from Republican Grove, drove over to join us as well. They had already heard the sermon once, but they didn't mind (much). We had gotten about half way through the service, Brain was reading the scripture, and it started to rain. We simply picked up our chairs and moved under the pavillion for the rest of the service. Its always good to have contingency plans when you're doing a special service.

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