Monday, June 23, 2008

2008 VAUMC Annual Conference, Day 2, June 16th

Our first item on the agenda for Monday was the Clergy Executive Session.
They had all of us prospectives seated down in front. They're just not sure about letting us lose without supervision yet. Actually, they had each of our names on the seat, so we would go up on stage in alphabetical order.
They had items that had to be voted on, most of which I don't remotely remember, but I did keep the booklet where they're listed for later review.

All of the candidates for Local Pastor or Probationary Elder were called by name and had to file up on stage and be voted on.
I hate to say it, but it reminded me of beauty pageant. I fully expected for someone to walk behind us, hold their hand over our head, and have our approval judged by the volume of the applause we received. From the Petersburg Distict we have Mr. Congeniality and the orchestrator of what has come to be known as the "Wiffle Ball Miracle".
John won the best legs in show.
When the Clergy Session was over we stepped outside to the "Eyes Wide Open" exhibit in the courtyard. (See previous blog entry)
There was the Clergy Spouse's Luncheon. While our wives were at the lunch, George and I took the opportunity to go to the Roanoke market and eat at the Indian restaurant.

Getting into our duds in the Robing Room.

That robe was like putting on your winter overcoat in the summer.
"I forgot who was in front of me, was it you?"

Rev. David Drinkard, the Lynchburg District Superintendent. Lookin' good Cousin Dave!

Out in the auditorium, waiting to be called up on stage. Hoping not to trip over our robes or anyone else's.

The worship was incredible. I know some thought it was a bit much for this particular service, but I loved it. It was like they picked it all just for me.
Who better to share this occasion with than friends and loved ones?
Happy to have it all over, everyone was all smiles.

Another part of the adventure complete, another stage begins. I have been fortunate to have the best partner, such excellent traveling companions on this journey and some of the best guides one could ask for. I am indebted to so many and am truly grateful.

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