Sunday, June 8, 2008

Faith Fest '08

On Saturday, May 31st, in South Boston there was an event called Faith Fest '08.Heidi Dawson, from Republican Grove UMC, reserved a site to set up the "Please Stop...I Want to Pray For You" tent. She manned the tent from 11 to 5 by herself.
She had three people who stopped for prayer. Several area pastors dropped by and commented postively on the idea. The stage announcer told people about the tent from the stage.

It turned out to be a warm and sunny day. A good day for food, fellowship, and song.

I got an email from one of the pastors who stopped by the tent. He's a pastor of a Baptist church in Nathalie. He also has a blog and mentioned the ministry of prayer on his blog, as well as giving the link to this blog. Here is a link to his blog; check it out. His church also has a website, looks nice so check that out, too.

Once again, God has enabled us to let folks know what the churches of the Mount Airy Charge are doing. We are thankful for the opportunity to let people see that we may be small, but we are alive and well. I appreciate Heidi's willingness to step out of the box in ministry.

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