Monday, October 20, 2008

Republican Grove UMC Homecoming 2008

On September 28th we had Homecoming Sunday at Republican Grove UMC. I got to preach and who can't look good preaching in front of that incredible mural. Just think, they may be listening to me, but who would watch me when they can gaze on that.
Homecoming this year was a celebration of the lives of four of our members who died this year; Dickie Abbott, Charles Anderson, Dewitt Fisher, and Anna Wilborn. Each hymn we sang was a favorite of theirs. The message was taken from Psalm 100 a memorized favorite scripture of Dickie Abbott.
The children's message was about the "Good Shepherd".
First I showed them pictures of sheep, which they correctly identified. I told them I had shown the picture to a boy in the city and he thought it was a dog. I heard a quiet voice, "silly boy". Then we had some pictures of shepherds. Finally I had several artist interpretations of Jesus as the "Good Shepherd". I gave each them a small picture of Jesus as the shepherd for them to take home and remember.

At the close of the service we sang Amazing Grace and during the singing someone from each of the four families came up and lit a candle for their loved one. It may sound like it was a sad service, but it wasn't. It worked out to be what we all wanted it to be and that was a time of remembering and celebration.
Brain Daniels form Providence UMC did an excellent job reading the scripture, as always.
We had a great crowd. For a church that normally has 12-15 on Sundays, we were very pleased to see so many friends and family.

After service the fellowship gets rolling. Seeing folks you haven't seen in a long time. Seeing how the children have grown and the rest of us have aged.
And of course, what would Homecoming be without some seriously good food.

Mary Margaret Crews with her grand-daughter.
Patricia Fisher with her grand-daughter

Heidi Dawson sitting with her mom.

The "Drink and Dessert Patrol".

"Charlie, I'm tired of waiting for you to take pictures. I'm hungry and I'm getting in line! You too, right now!" Yes, dear.

Now that's how you eat a cupcake, face first!

Patricia chasing her grand-daughter through the cemetery. Run Patricia Run! Do you remember playing in the cemetery when you were a kid? Hiding behind and climbing over the tombstones. Oh, you didn't do that. Never mind.
"Okay, when the music stops the first one in the chair gets it. Go!"
Betty Jo Dawson with grandchildren and friends. Better known as "Grandma's Posse".
It was beautiful day outside and folks took advantage of it.
All in all, it was another wonderful Homecoming Sunday. Thanks to everyone who made it such a great day.

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