Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Patrick's and Bethany's Wedding

Last weekend, Saturday the 25th of October, our nephew Patrick Oswald got married to Bethany.

The wedding was in Spartanburg, South Carolina. So we we took a little road trip.
Patrick was nervous, but not near as nervous as his dad. Ossi was sweating bullets. I've seen first time expectant fathers in delivery rooms less nervous. Patrick and Bethany seem very happy, especially that the service was over.
Joanne and her sister Cindy, Patrick's mom.
Patrick's parents, Cindy and Ossi.
The fellow on the left is Ossi's nephew, Oliver, who came over from Germany for the wedding. Oliver is a lieutenant in the German Army and when he returns home is expecting his orders, possibly to Afghanistan.

It was a good time with family. A day to celebrate with Patrick and Bethany.

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