Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Saint Andrews Homecoming 2008

Homecoming Sunday, I do look forward to these times. If your church doesn't have them, I am so very sorry.
Our 2008 Homecoming Sunday at St. Andrews UMC was a great day. I actually sang with the choir. I gave them a chance to tell me "no", but they let me.
We don't have any small children that regularly attend St. Andrews. So special days usually bring the children and I get to do a Children's Message. I really look forward to those times.
I know what you're thinking, "He's just a big kid himself". Yeah, and I know it and it doesn't bother me a bit.
Rev. George Schaeffer, from the Payneton-Siloam UMC Charge, was our guest speaker. George and I went to Licensing School together and have become good friends. He's a good brother in the Lord and God used him to bring a powerful message. If what he shared wasn't meant for anyone else, it hit Joanne and me right between the eyes.
We had a great time of food and fellowship. We had quite few guests with us ,along with home folks we hadn't seen in a while.

On Homecoming Sundays I get to meet family members who live a long way from here. I get to hear stories about the church and church family, that help me to know my folks better. I am allowed the privilege to be part of the history, the story, and family of the church.

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