Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch 2008

Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch, which almost didn't happen. See previous post. http://mountairyjournal.blogspot.com/2008/09/oh-dear-oh-deer.html It seems that as soon as the acorns started falling the deer lost their appetite for pumpkins. Thank heaven for acorns!

A.J. and Lisa Nuchols, along with A.J.'s mom and step-dad, man the gate early on Saturday morning.

The Pumpkin patch is down Riceville Rd., about a quarter mile from route 40.

It's a tad bit hard to miss the huge hay bale pumpkin at the intersection of routes 40 and 640.

Saint Andrews UMC sells hot dogs, chips, and drinks on Saturdays at the Pumpkin Patch as a fund raiser. I was elected the first first hot dog griller of the season. I would like to think that the news of my skill as a griller preceded me, but if it had I wouldn't have been asked.
Mattie Wyatt and Jean Shelton post the sign with our prices. It was a breezy day so we had to pin the sign to the canopy.
Rufus Shelton loaded the ice and drinks into the cooler.

A.J. set up a picnic area with bales of hay for the seats and table legs.

The children of all ages had fun finding and picking their pumpkins.

Lisa would weigh the pumpkins.

The Nuchols crew, Rachel, Daniel, and Katie, filling in at the front gate.

Now, where else would you find a camouflaged port-a-pottie.

Emma Jean Johnson dropped by for a visit and one of my charred hot dogs.

Sometimes it looked like the pumpkins were almost as big as the kid carrying them.

They had Pumpkins Hunts and hayrides during the day.

They had two corn mazes, a small one for little children and and a big one for the older folks. Actually, I should have done the little one.
They also had a maze made from the big round hay bales. Though most folks preferred to climb on top of the bales and walk/jump their way around the maze.

It is a wonderful way to spend a Fall day. To think it was almost spoiled by a bunch of hungry deer. Or as A.J. now refers them, cloven hoofed rodents. If it weren't for the acorns I would have missed it.

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