Saturday, August 2, 2008

Been Where?

Joanne and I took some vacation time for a family reunion at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My dad turned 80 this year, so it seemed like the right time to do it. Everyone, except my family, rented a house on Ocean Blvd. Joanne and I, Jeremiah, Kate, and Leah stayed in a two bedroom condo just up the road. Courtney, Dave, Thomas, Taisie, Levi, and Lila stayed in another two bedroom unit in the same resort. When we all got together there were 25 of us. The only family member that couldn't make it was my sister, Paula. She had had surgery recently and couldn't get the time off. Her husband, Dan, and her kids, Micah and Mariah were able to come though. And I thought I was going to get away from all the noise at the pediatric office, it just wasn't meant to be.

We all went out to eat one evening. We went to a Seafood, Chinese, Mongolian Buffet. They got most of us at one table that stretched across the room. The kids all sat at another table, which didn't bother them in the least. We figured a buffet would give us a way to let everyone get what they wanted without sending the waitress to the ER with exhaustion. Anyway, no one left hungry.

The crowd from Nebraska had to catch a plane Friday in Raleigh, so left headed out a day early. Mom and Dad, Karen, and Dave left one Saturday. Since Joanne and I didn't arrive until Wednesday, we had another 4 days to enjoy. On Sunday Courtney and the grandkids had to check out of their unit, so they moved into our unit for an extra few days. We all headed out this past Wednesday for home. Courtney headed to Baltimore to spend some time with Dave's parents. The last of us headed home to Lynchburg. We arrived back home, after a couple of wrong turns and some scenic driving. We had a good week and I have pics that I'll be posting soon. We still haven't unpacked everything from the car, movin' mighty slow.

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