Friday, August 8, 2008

Meet the Family

Jaimie, Jeremiah, and Jessica
The Grand-children and Great-grand-children
Jaimie, Jessica, Dawna, and Randy
Jessica, Micah, Jaimie, and Thomas
Micah and Mariah
Bailey, Micah, and Thomas
Bailey, Mom, Leah, and Kate
Jessica and Karen
Kathy and Dad
Jessica had jaw surgery before they came out from Omaha and still had her jaw wired shut. It still didn't keep her from talking!
Mom, Jeremiah, Leah, and Kate
Joanne, Dan, Jessica, Lila, and Randy.
Dad and Mom, the heads of the clan.
Dawna and Randy
Dan, Kathy, and Lila.
Jeremiah, our little boy.
Lila, sitting in the middle of the kitchen traffic, oblivious to it all and having fun.
Micah and Lila
Taisie, Leah, and Mariah
Jaimie, Kathy, and Lila
Randy and Aaron
Micah and Thomas
Levi and Dave Joanne and Mariah

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