Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sunday Gospel Brunch at The House of Blues

On the Sunday after most everyone had left Joane and I, Courtney, Thomas, Taisie, Levi, Lila, Jeremiah, Kate, and Leah went to the House of Blues for the Gospel Brunch.
The House of Blues has a brunch buffet and a gospel music presentation every Sunday. When you're on vacation it can be like going to church without going to church.
The is an abundance of primitive art on display and for sale.
Check out the painted shoes nailed to the wall as decorations.

Joanne and I, and Courtney and Dave, went to sales talks at the resort and were given gift certificates to the House of Blues. When we put them all together we had enough to virtually cover the entire breakfast. Actually made the sales talk a worthwhile experience.
The gospel group was a trio; a keyboard, sax, and singer.

It is absolutely amazing just how much of the buffet disappeared each time these two went through the line.

Yup, they're both ours.

Checkin' out the ceiling art, colors everywhere.
There was an artist outside of the restaurant painting and answering curious little folks questions.
While some would go in the gift shop, some would sit outside and rock.

It was a good morning of food, family, and Gospel Music.

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