Friday, August 8, 2008

Seashells, Sharks Teeth, and So Out of Shape

When most of the family had left Myrtle beach, Aaron, Cathy, and their boys, Bryce and Bailey, joined Cathy's family at Ocean Isle beach, just across the line in North Carolina. They invited us up for dinner one evening. It was a great time and a definite change of scenery from Myrtle Beach. No high rise buildings, quiet streets, and the beach houses on stilts like I remember from a long while back. Of course, the two babies were the celebrities of the evening, being passed all around.
One end of the beach is undeveloped, so we decided to go look for seashells. Jeremiah, Bailey, Bailey's cousin Laura, and I decided to ride bikes down to the beach. Aaron drove his van with Courtney, Taisie, and Kate. As soon as we got down to the end of the beach and Aaron saw me, he said,"How about if I ride the bike back and you drive the van." I must have looked just about as wiped out as I felt. The old guy really needs to get some exercise!
Bailey showing off his bike tricks.

Kate and Taisie were looking for shells as soon as they rolled in with the surf. Taisie left with a sack ful of shells. Courtney told her if she got enough good ones that Courtney would make her a frame with the shells
Jeremiah found a nice shark's tooth.
It was a nice quiet evening, spent with family and friends. Thanks to Glen and Leigh, Cathy's parents, for extending the invitation. We had a very good time. Thanks for looking out for your older brother, Aaron.

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