Monday, July 21, 2008

I Needed A Day Like That

This Sunday, 20 July 2008, we had one of those occasions that just make you feel good. We had two children baptized at St. Andrews UMC, Charles Daniel Mays and Anakin Aotea Chase. It was a good day.

Charlie with his dad, Brian, and mom, Minnie, along with Brian's brother, Shaun, and his wife, Jaclyn, and Brian's dad, George, all the way on the left.
April Chase and dad, Rob, with Anakin and April's mother, Sallie, on the right.

Anakin was the perfect baby, not a sound, even when we put the water on his head. Actually, he didn't even wake up.
Charlie is always quiet, he's one of those children you don't know are there until you see them. He was looking good in that all white shorts suit with a white tie.
Jaime, Javier, Minnie, yours truly, Charlie, Brian, and Lynda.
The Godparents, Brian's brother and his wife.
Rob and April with Anakin.
Rob was the doting father, rarely did he give up holding Anakin. Rob is from New Zealand and will be returning for two months, before coming back to the states to stay. It was like he was getting all the touch time he could to last him while he was gone.
And, of course, what is a church event without a meal and fellowship?

We had planned a reception with an assortment of finger foods, which we had and there was an abundance. But we had an extra blessing that turned it into a full fledged meal. It was a good day.
Javier said it was all mouth-watering good!
Brian, April's brother, owns a BBQ catering business in Lynchburg. He blessed us with BBQ, baked beans, slaw, and potato salad. If you're in need of a meal for an event check out his web site. It was all delicious, thanks again, Brian.
This was a smart move, get the white suit off before Charlie touches any food.

This was a rare moment, Anakin was out of Rob's hands and in the hands of a special guest visiting from Canada, Sheree.A pastor's work is never done. ;-) All that high tech military training didn't go to waste, I still remember how to push a mop. I had A.J. supervising my technique, so I had to do it twice. It was a good day.
Mattie got her hands on Charlie and he doesn't seem to mind at all.

Our faithful ladies in the kitchen, made sure everyone was served before they relaxed to eat.
After the two deaths in our church family this past week, Sunday was day of refreshing. It reminded me of the "Holy Balance" that God has given us. That for all the loss and grief we endure, there is also gain and joy to sustain us. I got my socks blessed off on Sunday and I needed a day like that. Sunday was one of those very good days.

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