Saturday, August 2, 2008

Putt-Putt Invasion

We had one night that we all went to play Putt-Putt. If you've ever thought that playing miniature golf in Lynchburg was expensive, forget it. Here we have most of the young ones (as in "not as old as the rest of us"; Micah (on the left), Thomas, Bryce, Bailey, and that gleaming blond hair is Mariah.
"Why didn't it go in the hole?"
We had to divide the bunch of us up into four groups, just to be manageable.

Both the babies, Lila and Leah, came along for the ride. I know, that was bad. Kate played and swapped later with Jeremiah. Courtney decided it would be better to follow, watch, and take pictures.

The "SENIOR" golfer, Dad, was demonstrating his Arnold Palmer style. No, not the guy in the blue shirt, that's Randy.

Jeremiah got Leah and she loved it. She got the best view and Jeremiah had a special handicap.
Courtney's husband, Dave, was trying his own technique. It was more like croquet than golf.
I had the worst score out of the entire family. I got beat by my 5 year old grandson, Levi. He was too intense for me.
Look out Tiger Woods, the next generation is on its way.

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