Thursday, November 8, 2007

Veterans Day

Tomb of the Unknown

This Sunday, the 11th of November 2007, is Veterans Day. I realize that there a lot of people who think we shouldn't mix what is considered a civic observance with the sacred. I respectfully disagree.
This is the D-Day Memorial in Bedford Virginia. It honors the memory of those who served, living and dead.

We honor those who have served - and those who serve today - to protect our freedoms. That we sit in church on Sundays and worship in peace and freedom should be a continual reminder of those who have made and make it possible.

Seaman First Class Charles Johnson Sr.

US Navy 1946 - 1948

Staff Sgt. Charles Johnson Jr.

US Air Force 1972 - 1980

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Courtney said...

Dad, I'm totally swiping some of those pictures for my bolg this weekend. Thank you for serving.