Friday, November 2, 2007

Mt. Airy Charge Conference 2007

Charge Conference for the Mount Airy Charge was Sunday, the 28th of October. For me, it was the Methodist version of the Federal inspection of the lab at the doctor's office. I had really been stressing about the Charge Conference, even though everyone told me to take it easy. I just wanted it to be right my first time. It turned out the advice was right and I wasted a lot of time fretting.
Rev. Dave Drinkard, the Lynchburg District Superintendent, preached the Sunday sermon. Dave and I served comunion together after the service. The Charge Conference was conducted after the benediction. It was short and sweet, with no one having time to get bored or doze off. We had to vote on a few things, like the budget and officers. Then came the individual church reports.

I read my "Pastor's Report". I couldn't say much, since I had only been here since July. I mainly said that I was really enjoying myself and that everyone had been very gracious and understanding.

Mary Margaret Crews read the State of the Church report for Republican Grove UMC. The State of the Chrch Report is the time each chrch gets to tell what it has done in the past year. It is when the church gets to brag a bit; this it what we have done, this is our outreach, this is how we have improved and how we plan to continue to do so. For small congregations they do more than many churches larger than themselves.

Carl Wayne Adams read the report for Providence UMC.

A. J. Nuckols read the report for St. Andrews UMC.

Emma Jean Johnson read the United Methodist Women's report. The UMW consists of only 3 members, but they do quite a bit.

We had good representtion from each of the churches of the Mt. Airy Charge.

Oh yeah, it's easy to laugh about it when it's all over. But, I've learned a few lessons my first time (better write them down so I don't forget them next year).
I made trifold boards with pictures of each of the churches' Homecoming Sundays.

Joanne served as the Charge Conference secretary.
Talk about the right job for the right person.
Everyone enjoyed seeing the pictures of each others Homecoming.

We made sure that Dave got his copy, since his copy had all the official signatures.

See that smile! Man am I glad Charge Conference is done. You have no idea how much I hate papperwork.

The ladies of Republican Grove UMC prepared what I thought and announced was a light lunch. I really missed the mark on that call!

We had fried chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, deviled eggs, potato salad, baked apples, and more. For dessert there were 3 cakes and a peach cobbler,

The ladies really out did themselves and it was truly appreciated by all. When the D.S. got ready to leave, he had 3 more Charge Conferences that afternoon, he packed a piece of cake, just in case.

I want to thank everyone for their help with my first Charge Conference.

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