Friday, November 2, 2007

Republican Grove UMC Homecoming

Republican Grove UMC had their Homecoming Sunday September 23rd 2007.
I gave the Homecoming message and Rev. Scott Childress, from Friendship Baptist Church, ministered in music. Joanne Johnson was our guest pianist.

We had a great number of familiy members with us that day.

We had lunch in the Fellowship Hall, downstairs.

Pastor Sam Caldwell joined us.

There was food aplenty and no one left hungry.
You wouldn't believe all the desserts that were there. After lunch Joanne and I left for a week in Myrtle Beach with our daughter and her family. We took two cakes and a load of cupcakes with us. They didn't last 24 hours!

It was amazing how quiet it got when everyone finally got to eating.

Everyone had a good time, there were smiles all around.

We set up tables outside, because we ran out of seats inside.

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