Thursday, November 1, 2007

July 2007 part 3

My third church is St. Andrews UMC. This is my largest congregation and averages 25 to 35 on Sundays.

Services start at 11:15. They are the only church to have a choir. They have really nice stained glass windows. I'll show you those on a later post. (I like stained glass windows, if you haven't figured that out yet.)

St. Andrews UMC has an office and I have designated Joanne to be my official office decorator. (This may be a long project) They also have a fellowship hall with kitchen and a wing with classrooms.

Oh, by the way, notice the pastor's car in the outside picture of the church. I even have a parking space.

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Courtney said...

somebody gave you a parking space? need more stained glass pictures!