Thursday, November 1, 2007

July 2007 part 2

Providence UMC is approximately 14 miles from Repbulican Grove UMC, by way of a winding country road. It's a lot of fun to drive in the Miata, but you have to keep an eye out for the wildlife. I've had near misses with deer, wild turkey, rabbits, foxes, groundhogs, and the fiercesome skunk.

Depending on the day it takes 20 to 25 minutes to make the run. The road winds through woods and fields. They recently put down new gravel on the roads and you have to watch out for loose gravel in the turns. There is a one lane bridge in a really tight turn that you have to slow down for or end up in the creek. It's actually a fun drive, not looking forward to trying this in the snow. If Joanne rides with me I have to slow it down because she'll get car sick. (Not the way to walk into the next service.)
The attendance at Providence UMC is 9, if everyone is there. Services start at 10:15. They have a piano, but no pianist. What they have done to compensate is they have all the hymns in the Methodist Hymnal on CD. They simply plug in the hymn number and sing along.
While Providence may only have 9 active members, they are a very active church. Two years ago they put an addition on the church and installed indoor plumbing. Last year they put vinyl siding on the church and built a picnic pavilion.
Two weeks before I started, they had the parking lot paved, all 10 spaces. This is definitely not a church that is planning to close. They have a friend of a member of the congregation making stained glass panels that are installed in the shurch windows.

My next church, St. Andrews UMC is about 7 miles up the road.
(see part 3)

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