Friday, January 30, 2009

Joanne's Surgery

Today Joanne had her surgery. The technical description of her procedure was "left shoulder arthroscopic subachromial decompression and left endoscopic carpal tunnel release". I think that means they worked on her left shoulder for problems from her torn rotator cuff and her left hand for her carpal tunnel condition.

Ann Eades, the nurse in the photo, did her pre-op stuff and started her IV. Ann at one time worked at our doctors office before going to the Surgery Center. It was a real comfort to Joanne to have someone she knew there. Ann's first comment to Joanne was, "Why did you bring him?" It was good to have Joanne laughing before the surgery. Thanks Ann.

I had plenty of company in the waiting room. Barbara and Dewey Rakes from Mead Memorial UMC, where Joanne works as secretary, came by. Then my sister Karen and then my Mom and Dad joined us. It helps having folks to talk to and keep your mind off things. Thanks folks.
The surgery went great and it was the best case scenario. The shoulder didn't need extensive work and physical therapy will start Tuesday. Thanks Doc.

She was a tad nauseous from the anesthesia after the surgery, but she slept through that. She went in to surgery at 9:30 and was out by 11:30. We were on our way home by 3:00 that afternoon. When we got home she went right to sleep on the sofa. She has a bell she rings when she needs me. I am very thankful for all the well wishes and prayers from family and friends. Thanks everyone, keep up the good work. Most of all thanks God, Amen.


mania said...

hi.ITS GOOD TO KNOW that your wife in a good condition now. Its love to read this post. I wish you both a lovely blissful life.

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de said...

Heal up fast! Before you know it it will be spring for you folks down south.