Monday, January 12, 2009

Leah's First Birthday

Leah's first birthday was January 8th, but as is usually the case you can't get people together for a party until the weekend. Birthday's for little kids are actually more for the adults and older siblings than the one year old, who really has no idea what is going on.
They may or may not take part in the unwrapping of gifts, but in the end they spend as much time playing with the paper and boxes as with the gift.
So, while they play with the paper, each gift is held up for all the adults to see. And each new toy is tested by the older children.
But Leah did get her own cake. I don't mean just a slice from the cake, but her own individual cake. Kate and Jeremiah had made 3 cakes, one for Leah and two for the rest of us.
Leah didn't hesitate breaking, literally, into her cake. I have never seen adults have so much fun watching someone eat and she enjoyed it, too.

Let's try and keep the cake out of the hair.

Someone (Joanne) thought it would be cute to get Leah to clap her hands.
"Yo, Daddy, give me a big kiss!"
"And, no, I won't share my cake."

Jeremiah and Tom decided to have their cake with a fork, but we did agree doing it Leah's way would be a lot more fun. We'll have to think on that.

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Courtney @ splashing grace said...

I'm so glad, that after taking the first four pictures of the back of her head, you decided to show us her cute face!

looks like fun - wish we could've been there.