Friday, January 23, 2009

Somethin's Happenin' Here...

Tuesday was an amazingly historic day for America. Our new president, Barack Obama, was sworn in as the 44th man to hold that office. There were over 2 million people who braved below freezing temperatures to be there in Washington D.C. for the occasion. Young/old, black/white, rich/poor, celebrities, and everyday people wanted to be there. Most of them couldn't see to the Capitol, except on huge screens placed on the Mall, but that didn't seem to matter, they were there. The inauguration went off without a hitch. The pageantry was beautiful and the words were eloquent. America did herself proud that day. I was struck by the embrace that the outgoing president Bush gave the new president. It seemed to me to be the real passing of the mantle.
We watched the day on our computer in the lab at the doctors office. Technology is a wonderful thing. Millions did as we did and saw it happen and felt like they were there, except maybe a little warmer.
I will be praying for my new president. I will pray for God's guidance to be on him, that he might make wise and Godly decisions that will touch our country and the world. I will pray that God will give him wise and Godly men and women to advise him and mentor him. I will pray for God's angels to be camped about him and his family, to protect them. May God bless our new president and may he be a blessing to our nation.

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mania said...

First I love your blog very much. Second, thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow up. Stay bless. And yea, that was no doubt a great day for you.