Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why can't we just have the snow?

On Tuesday we had a bit of an ice storm here in Lynchburg, Virginia. A long way from as bad as what they had in the midwest, but it was enough to close schools and businesses, plus cause a lot of folks to lose power. Fortunately we didn't have to close the doctors office and we didn't lose power at home or work.
This is looking at the trees at the end of our street, all coated with ice. We didn't lose many branches or trees lost due to ice.
These are the icicles on my Bradford Pear tree.
The Dogwood tree was well coated with ice.
Check out the glazed berries on the Nandina bush.
This is our Forsythia bush in the back yard.
Even the grass was coated with ice. You could hear the crunch when you walked.
It's pretty to look at, but fearsome to walk on or drive on. Why couldn't it have been that white fluffy stuff?

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mania said...

No doubt, you live in a very beautiful place. Nature is at its best in your side of the world. all photos are breathtaking but I am attracted towards this image about icicles on your Bradford Pear is a wonderful shot.
Thanks for sharing your world with us. Also thanks for all of your comments on my posts.