Sunday, April 27, 2008

Please Stop...I Want to Pray with You pt.2

Saturday the 19th was another overcast, rainy day for the Pray With You project. The weather didn't change to desire to be there to pray.
Donna Adams, Brian and Tammy Daniels from Providence were some of the folks who came to pray with anyone who stopped.
Saturday the 26th of April was our last day of our project at St. Andrews UMC. We have seen a great time of fellowship during our times of sitting and waiting for folks to stop for prayer. Stacey Wyatt is from St. Andrews and Heidi Dawson is from Republican Grove.
It has been fun getting together with folks we don't get to see each Sunday. Fred and Theresa Reiger are from Providence. You see, with the size of our congregations, no one congregation is able to cover the hours on their own. The cooperation has been wonderful to watch. It is not a a church thing, it is a Charge thing.
Next week we move our project at Republican Grove UMC and it will be there for the next two weeks. We continue to look forward to what God is doing through us and in us.

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