Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pentecost Sunday at Shiloh UMC

 Have you ever wondered what the flames or tongues of fire looked like on the disciples heads that first Pentecost? Well, I have. I mean, there are puppy tongues, human tongues, cow tongues, and so on. I placed a battery operated tea light on my head to show what most people think it was like. A small, cute, cozy little flame, nothing too extreme. Then I asked Codey Toms to join me.
I had asked Codey if he would dye his mohawk like a flame and he agreed. He went to a lot of trouble to do this for me. It took him at least two attempts to make it work. He ran late getting to church and into the choir because of proplems with it Sunday morning, but he got it perfect. That is how I imagine the tongues of fire on that first Pentecost appeared to those disciples in that upper room. 
 The question to the congregation was "What does your flame look like? Is it comfortable and unassuming or is it extreme and in your face? Do people look at you because of the flame of Holy Spirit passion that you demonstrate in your life?"

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