Friday, May 18, 2012

Our First Time in the Snow with Tiger and Princess

Yesterday we got our first snow of 2012. It was also our first time to have Tiger and Princess out in the snow. We were wondering how they would react to it, since our last dog, Millie, absolutely hated the snow.

I have to admit, I was very surprised that after a short while of walking and burrowing, Princess sat right down in the snow watching Tiger chase birds.

They both ran and jumped through the snow. Our little "snow angels", just look at them fly!
Joanne tried taking pictures of the children with her phone, but they moved too fast. By the time the picture took, they had moved to another part of the yard.

They were so much fun to watch, checking out the whole yard. The would stick their noses down in the snow sniffing. Talk about brain freeze!

Tiger a very intent on watching and chasing any birds that landing in the the trees or the brush pile we had in front of the house. He really got upset about a Robin that had landed across the street in a neighbors driveway.
Later when it had snowed more, covering the street, we went back out. Princess didn't care to stay out very long that time, she got chilled quickly. I took her inside for Joanne to dry off. But Tiger had no desire to come inside. The snow was up to his chest, but there were still birds to chase. I finally had to pick him up and carry him in the house.

I was going to try taking them down the hill on a sled this evening, but the temperature has gotten up and the streets are now clear of snow. Maybe next time we get some snow I can teach them to make snow angels.

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