Friday, May 18, 2012

18 March 2012; a very busy, very family day

It isn't very often that I get family in town to join us on Sunday. But this weekend was different; we had family in from New York, West Virginia, and Nebraska. We had ourselves a mini-familiy reunionThey joined Joanne and me at Timberlake UMC East for breakfast and the morning service.
 My sister Dawna and Randy Lewis and my sister Paula and her daughter, Mariah Kohrt were in from Omaha. My dad joined us, along with grand-daughter Lila Harrington at the table.
 Dave and our daughter, Courtney Harrington, along with our other grandchildren; Thomas, Taisie, and Levi were in from Albany. My brother Aaron Johnson was in from Charleston.
 Along the other members of our church we had a great breakfast of egg, sausage, bacon, biscuits and gravy, fruit salad, pastries, juice, and of course coffee.

After Sunday service, all the girls went to a baby shower for Jeremiah and Kate. Jeremiah was the only guy there, the rest of us abandoned him to all the ooohs and aaahs of the opening of baby gifts.

cupcakes on a stick
It won't be long, at least that is what we all thought at the time.
Paula and Dawna at the shower.
Courtney with her little brother.
Leah helps opening and inspecting the gifts.

"Help me, please!"

That same evening we all gathered at Charley's restaurant to celebrate Paula's and my birthdays. Paula's was on the 17th and mine was coming up on the 23rd.
Paula had already had her cake and this one was waiting for me. Ol' Grumpy sitting on the edge of the stream. Joanne's cousins, Charlene and Mary Beth, made and decorated the cake. A fine cake, as is expected for someone turning 60.

Dad and Randy
Jeremiah giving Mom and Karen the baby shower details
Aaron and Kate, along with Lila and Leah.
Joanne and Dawna
Lila and Leah

Thomas, Taisie, and Levi
Jeremiah and Lila
Jeremiah and Kate
Aaron trys a reenactment on Dad
Joanne and I with our grandchildren, r to l, Levi, taisie, Leah, Lila, and Thomas.
Mom and Dad with their 5 children. Front - Karen, Dawna, Paula. On the sofa - aaron and me, with Mom and Dad.
Mom and Dad with grandchildren ans Great-Grandchildren

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