Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Wedding of Joashua and Kate Dalton

Here comes the Bride! Joshua and Kate Dalton were married Saturday June 19th at Straightstone Baptist Church in Pittsylvania County. I co-officiated with Pastor Paul Woodward of Straightstone Baptist Church. He did the opening half of the service and I picked it up with the vows. The transition was during a special song.
It was a beautiful service and went off with barely a glitch. I was going to serve the couple Communion and then there was to be a song, and then they would do the Unity Sand. The singer started before we had a chance to begin the Communion. I looked at Kate and Josh and told them no problem. When the song was finished I served Communion, then they moved directly to do the Unity Sand. It went seamlessly.
Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Joshua and Kate Dalton.
Rachel Nuckols, the Bride's sister and Maid of Honor.
The newlyweds first dance.
The Father and Daughter Dance.
The Mother and Son Dance.
The Buffet line and Dan hugging Kate.
The Cutting of the Wedding Cake, with Kate neatly feeding Joshua his first bite of cake. No cake up the nose for anyone today.
The Wedding Toast.
Kate with Bridesmaids by the pool. And no, they didn't toss her in the pool.
A quiet moment to catch their breath,
Watching the pros flat-footin' to "Rocky Top".
The Siblings; Kate Dalton, Rachel and Dan Nuckols.
Dan Nuckols and Rachel Fisk
A happy pastor and wife, to have been included in such a special day.
Lisa and A.J. Nuckols, the very happy parents of the Bride.
They blew bubbles instead of throwing rice. That way they could start inside the building and just follow Josh and Katie out the door.
Heading out! It looks like either the airbag went off or a jar of marshmallow fluff exploded. Happy couple, happy family and friends, a very good day.Thank you all for the privilege of being a part of it.

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