Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anniversary Trip to Colonial Wiiliamsburg

The day after the Virginia United Methodist Annual Conference ended, Joanne and I went to Colonial Williamsburg for the day. Actually we made it until 1 PM, by then the temperature was 95 degrees and Joanne was turning beet red. So we didn't make a whole day, but we didn't get heat stroke either.
If you haven't been to Colonial Williamsburg recently, expect some entertaining changes. They have always had reenactors, but now its a production, with performances in the streets and on stages. You can follow the story from one place to the next and it is thoroughly involving. 
The story we saw was about the Stamp Act Tax and Governor Dunsmore having removed the gunpowder and muskets from the magazine under the cover of night. It told the story of how these actions effected the population of colonial Williamsburg, from affluent and influential to the common folk and slaves.
The Capitol building of Colonial Williamsburg.
Now, we could simply go and just hang out in the gardens at Colonial Williamsburg. The pace is slow and comfortable, especially when its a bit cooler. 
One of the newest things in Colonial Williamsburg is the Coffee House. It is the building closest to the Capitol. They have a tour through the building explaining its function and use. The tour finished with everyone being served hot tea, coffee, or chocolate. We were advised that good colonialist we would avoid the tea, because of the tax. Joanne and I tried the chocolate, which tasted as if you had melted a dark chocolate bar and poured it in the cup. We added some cream to the cup and it wasn't quite as strong.
Thursday evening, we ate ate shields Tavern, for our anniversary; a week late, but worth the wait. Of all the taverns you can dine at in Colonial Williamsburg, Shields has been our consistent favorite. There was a man playing bagpipes outside as we waiting. I think if he had played inside there might have been a small riot. During dinner we were entertained by guitar, fiddle, and a horn that looked like it came from the imagination of Dr. Seuss. When we finished our meal we were the last ones in our room and most of the tavern.    
Even with the heat, it was a great day. Though I think next time we visit, it will be in the Fall of the year. 

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